Sunday, October 25, 2009

yo la tengo murders the classics

this (brilliant) album name back story almost tops the band name backstory:

re: i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
"The title of the album is rumored to be a (paraphrased) quote by NBA player, Tim Thomas. Sitting on the bench together during a game, Thomas was caught on tape by the MSG Network in a profane exchange with fellow Knick, point guard Stephon Marbury. Thomas yelled at Marbury, "Everyone in this organization is afraid of you, but I’m not, and I will beat your ass."

also alternate track titles for yo la tengo's electr-o-pura:

"A Rehearsal"
"Sound Is Music And Quick Lights And The People Who Make Our Sound Their Own. That's When We're Really Turned On."
"It's The Start Of A Musical Dialogue"
"A Group Is Like A Jig-Saw Puzzle-Everything Must Fit Into The Groove"
"A Few More Beats-And Maybe, A New Sound"
"The Music Can Really Drag It Out Of You-If It Says Something"
"Waiting For A Break"
"Sometimes, Not Often, You Start A Number And Something Miraculous Happens, And Then The Scene Is Beautiful."
"The Sound Of A Guitar Is With Me All The Time-Or Am I With It?"
"A Break Like This Is Worth Its Weight In Publicity"
"By Now The Music Becomes A Little Like A Perpetual Diary"
"Play It Soft And Easy, Play It Hard-The Beat Still Comes Thourgh"
"One Of My Favorite Instruments-The Electronic Flute"
"Patterns Of Sound Are My Bag Right Now"

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