Friday, October 30, 2009

rainbow apocalypse album artwork

ELP (sister of ASP and of neon gold fame) has a new visual blog, byzantium, featuring her own patterned artwork.

About: Database of Color

Newest Series: Database of Color

This series was directly inspired from Victoria Vesna’s book “Database Aesthetics; Art in the Age of Information Overflow”.

“Database Aesthetics examines the database as cultural and aesthetic form, explaining how artists have participated in network culture by creating data art…the ways information is ordered and organized become artistic choices, and artists have an essential role in influencing and critiquing the digitization of daily life.” (

People use data as a way of trying to ultimately understand and control an environment of information. Vesna provokes artists to explore projects that represent different modes of databasing the self . How does one compile small and seemingly unrelated pieces of information to present a new form of a whole and a new way of relating all the parts? This new series of artwork “Database of Color” explores these questions by creating a database of the self and mind through my personal interpretation and relationship to color. The various geometric patterns represent visual databases of color (a network of relationships) within a pre-constructed host site (the pre-registered lines/boundaries) which ultimately serve as a synthesis of my personal history, experiences and influences of color that have shaped my relationship to art.

These designs thus represent my own relationship and categorization of information. They become an individualized web of identity, history and creation. Within the boundaries of the interface I organize a new way of clarifying the information. Vesna claims that the primary components of a database are navigation, organization and retrieval. My designs, though seemingly random, are in fact composed of several webs of patterns that are echoed somewhere else in the overall makeup. As a result, to navigate through the image one must find the ways in which design and color are repeated through mathematical equation or to try and follow my own personal logic. In this way organization and navigation seem inextricably tied and retrieval becomes personalized. Vesna asks, “how do you represent information without dehumanizing it?” I believe this can be answered by how the information is constructed and through the process by which it is organized. In this case using color as information and using information as a way to communicate a relationship to the self, a database of the self through color.

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