Thursday, June 25, 2009

no message could have been any clearer

i tell people sgt. pepper's was my first album, but really it was bad and i distinctly remember sitting down to write out the lyrics to man in the mirror by stopping and starting the tape for an hour. this was before i realized liner notes existed. i'd give anything to have those handwritten lyrics right now. rip.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and then we came to the end

thankfully my "office" now consists of a lawnchair on the roof of the alamo. yet my year in the corporate world was recent and regrettable enough that this art still totally resonates. made entirely of office supplies by david fullerton:

and you the eye patch?...i love it

not much of a wilco "fan" per se, but last they put on one of the finer shows i've seen lately at the wiltern. the combination of an appropriate venue and a pretty flawless set list won me over early on. tweedy dropped incredible banter, nels cline absolutely shredded and kotche looked like he'd taken a shower with his clothes on by the end of his stint behind the skins. they opened with live favorite via chicago which was professionally captured in the video below. there's no reason for the camera on anyone other than glenn around 2:10, 3:25 or 4:00.

This is a quote from a recent interview with jeff, which i love. really humble, but i think also very basic and relatable. every time a wilco track irks me for being a little too palatable, i think of this quote and forgive it.

"What keeps you writing songs?

It doesn’t hurt anybody. It’s something I love to do, and it doesn’t hurt anybody. And the world probably doesn’t need any more songs, but I need more songs. It’s satisfying and lovely to do. I feel better, and as a band—I think I can speak for everyone—we feel better making something that wasn’t there ten minutes ago. Whatever spirit there is in the universe, I think that puts you closer to it. The act of creation, you know, it’s a very powerful thing, and very gratifying. I wish it on everyone. I wish everyone could enjoy making something that wasn’t there before."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

does anyone remember laughter?

apatow's upcoming funny people features a slew of fake studio comedies starring sandler's character george simmons. today a bunch of mock one sheets were released. have to appreciate the attention to detail in them especially in the billing block. the regulars are included on every front. with actors there's rudd (in every one), jonah hill, jay baruchel, catherine keener... and producers include carrell, robertson, jon poll. humble too that apatow puts his own name at the helm of these flicks.

i wish the ideas were a little funnier (though re-do and sayonara davey somehow manage to elicit a legitimate chuckle), its sad how easy these are to not just mock up one sheets for, but imagine as actual releases. if anything, they're not absurd enough. too close for comfort.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the other half is what we do

truly top notch mail deliveries today.

first up - the california surf project.
two guys, one photographer and one pro surfer, drove the length of the cali coastline surfing all the way and documenting the experience. sounds pretty ideal.

a very exciting addition to the surf/coffee table book collection. but it's hard to top this:

highly anticipated would be the understatement of the century.

to quote from devendra's opening remarks: "the heart draws in love. love draws the heart in. thank you forever. love above all. onward - devendra banhart, tuesday afternoon, bolinas"

i think dev obsession may be reaching boiling point...